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Ice Cream Beans(Inga edulis) seeds

Hi Echo community
I am looking for Ice Cream bean seeds to plant in South Africa in the rural areas for the children.
Where can I get some to import.

Kindest Regards

Hi Rian,

Inga seeds travel poorly because they don’t last long. The seeds need to be planted within days of the fruit being picked. Sometimes they are even germinating in the seed pod!

Best would be to find a tree in the country and make arrangements to get seeds when they are mature. If that doesn’t work, you can travel with them, but you’ll really have to do it fast. You’ll need to coordinate with the locale where you get them, be ready to travel right when they are picked and then plant them on arrival to South Africa.

Alternatively, if you have excellent mail service, maybe you can find someone to express ship them? This would be no option for me in Haiti, but maybe could work for you.

As far as I know, there is no way to dry them and save for later. That’s why you cannot find them available for mail order.

Best wishes,

Hi Roger
Thank you for your information.
I got hold of Maui Seeds in Mauritius
Tamara form the company advertise as follow
“Organically grown on Maui, this seed is very popular with my Customers. I personally grow, pick, package and ship these fresh Maui Ice Cream Bean seeds. Your seeds will arrive packed in damp paper toweling in a plastic baggie and will germinate on their way to you. You can plant them right away or have the fun of watching them grow for up to a week or so in the plastic baggie that they arrive in. Keep evenly watered”
I contacted her and waiting for a response.
Kindest regards and have a wonderful festive season.

Hi Rian
You are lucky I can give you Ice cream beans


Hi Gaston. Do you still have icecream beans available? I am looking to start a food garden and would love to have a icecream bean tree as a exotic addition.

Hi Andre

Of course I still have them. How can I send them to you?


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Hi Gaston
Thank you how can you send it i am from South Africa. I have a permit to import