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Is anyone eating green pigeon peas or green cowpeas?


I wonder if anyone in ECHO’s community has experience eating green pigeon peas, or green cowpeas? I think it would be more acceptable in the Laos mountain cultures than eating black seeded cowpea. We found thatthe black seeded, climbing cowpea that they usually have takes a very long time to cook, and given their cooking style (on the ground), that’s a barrier, along with the barrier of people not usually eating dried beans.



Hello Thomas! I enjoyed eating green cowpeas. I would pick them before the beans started to bulge in the pods, as I found that leaving them longer would allow them to get stringy. I steamed, sauted, or put themi in soups. Very yummy! The younger they are the more tender.



I agree that it is important to pick them early or they get tough and stringy.