About the Guatemala Field Experience category

Following the ECHO Internship Training program, Interns may apply to participate in a 6-month field experience. This component provides interns the opportunity to live and work in an actual field setting with one of ECHO’s Regional Impact Centers.

Our vision for the field experience is that, by living and working in a field setting, interns will develop an increased awareness of the holistic needs of people living in developing contexts. As this happens, more people will be equipped and motivated to work on behalf of those battling hunger and resource constraints that limit development opportunities.

At each field site, interns can expect a good orientation upon arrival, direction and encouragement as they work, and a feeling of accomplishment at the end of their stay. Interns will learn various skills depending on the project focus: agriculture experimentation; the role of adaptive research in dealing with the issue of hunger; variety trials; seed multiplication; community trainings; plant propagation techniques; project management; etc. Just as important as the impact on the community is the opportunity to interact with the local people, study the language and culture, and fine-tune a personal philosophy of missions and development through interaction with communities, other practitioners and development workers.