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Advice on Moringa planting using Tractor

Hi, I have just rented a big land at Kangonde, Kenya it’s 2-hectare land,
After reading the medical advantages and financial benefits I decided to start Moringa farming.

I have been seeking to buy the most suitable tractor for land clearing, levelling and others I found a company name as agroasia tractors selling MF385 4wd a powerful tractor, the company advised me to purchase 2, can I get a piece of advice. and what implements are important

while another advice requested, from where can i purchase seeds in Nairobi.


Dear Felix

I have purchase MF240 50hp and MF360 60hp Tractors back in 2016 with some necessary implements, and since then they are doing excellent job from lavelling, ploughing till harvesting, Moreover I am renting them on daily basis, and nearly recovered my investment.

while I have checked the company website, it’s that product of mine.

Pls go for it man.

My experience would be to get only one tractor with the necessary attachments to do what you need. A tractor is a very valuable tool but will spend a lot of hours sitting around with 2 hectares of land. The idea of renting it daily is good and will help to generate more to repay the investment. A second tractor for rental is ok but I don’t think its necessary.