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Ag Dev Volunteers Needed

We are looking for 4-5 Ag Dev volunteers. Candidates would be US or other western country based volunteers. They will be trained at the Foundation for Farming center in Harare Zimbabwe in their international champions program then assigned to work with an African partner to do FfF training in communities in that partner’s respective country. We have needs for volunteers for English, French, and Portuguese countries in Africa. Volunteers will have all the costs of training covered including travel, room and board, and the training fees. They will then work with a local partner to host at least two weeks training each year. Our organization will then provide seed funds to prepare for the initial training events in each country in Africa. For the long-term trainings we expect these volunteers to help raise their own travel funds as they would for any short term missions trip. Feel free to email me for more information at

To clarify a little based on a couple of questions we have gotten about why we are asking for western volunteers. Our organization promotes global partnering and this program like others includes that aspect. The cross cultural teaming itself has significant value for our organization. We have previously sought candidates from West Africa and have them ready to attend the same training with the western volunteers. We will eventually expand beyond the initial eight countries if the program goes well so do let me know of your interest in this area and what country you are from if you are in Africa and have a strong interest in this area. So we are currently looking for western volunteers to work along side existing African partners. We hope this and other programs we have helps develop a robust global network that works together to expand the kingdom in word and deed around the world.

I am interested in the volunteers’ assignment and from Nigeria. why the restriction?

I am interested in the volunteers’ assignment and from am from Kenya

We haven’t planned yet to start in Kenya but let’s stay in touch.


HI. Is the volunteer assignment still open? Writing from Norway. Greetings Ivo

Yes we are still talking with candidates. We’d like to have them finalized by mid January.



Sent an email through our discussion through ELI. Waiting for further info.

In Christ,

Michael Cooley

I am strongly interested in the volunteer program.
I’m an Agriculturist and just resigned from an appointment with an International research institute here in Nigeria

Thank you for your interest. Currently we are working on starting the program in eight countries in West Africa but so far Nigeria isn’t included. I will keep your contact info and if we begin the program in Nigeria I will let you know.


Dear Sir,

Thanks for the kind response.

Looking forward to that exciting opportunity