Agricultural marketing

Hello Echo I am from Cameroon. I am actually preparing to invest in Cassava production. Cassava is one of the most important source of food in the country. But depending on the local market is very disappointing. Starch processing is an option for me, but expensive to put in place. Is there any body around with a processing facility. If not what can I do to have a good business plan with large scale production.

Good evening to u Marie, longest time, Good to read from u well let me give u little tips on cassava business and i strongly believe you can make lot of money in the cassava business have u heard of cassava chips before? it is a new food formula , and it is still new and not yet out in the market / it go through little processes and does not require much capital to start up and it is good .
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Thank you very much Dr, its a pleasure to hear from you again. I will be very happy if your provide a good and low cost cassava processing plan to me.This will change the lifes of many in my community.

Hello sir,
I am back. Was very busy with my exam. So let talk business. What about the small cassava plan. I wish to know more about it.