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Agro processing

Our organisation has received provisional approval to establish an agro processing facility for women and a R&D Laboratory, we are looking for advice on equipment list, etc

Thank you.

Hi Catherine,

Do you have a general idea of what type of processing you will pursue? Grain mill, food dehydration, canning, juicing, etc?

Is the primary goal for local Haitian usage or export? Food preservation for the small families or primarily for sale to the community?

The more you share, the better advice I could give.

We are from Saint Lucia in the Caribbean not Haiti!
We are looking to use fruits and vegetables to make juices, jams, jellies, flour, chips, fruit snacks, etc.
We are looking to sell at local, regional and international levels
The proposed agro processing plant is attached to a co-operative to be managed by women who are victims and survivors of domestic violence.

We want to have a small agro process facility with a R&D lab but since there isn’t one on island we are challenged to determine what equipment we need.
We are hoping someone can suggest or assist.

Thank you in advance.


This sounds like an awesome project! Sorry about presuming you were in Haiti. I subscribe to the Haiti group in ECHO, so normally when I get notifications, it is related to that group.

Anyways, its funny we connected, because I happen to know of a husband and wife team that live in St. Lucia who are also in the planning phase of starting an agro processing plant. The husband has years of experience in the US with this. They are focused on banana and mango purees. The goal is to help the country become more self sustainable.

They are also considering using a form of regenerative farming to grow their bananas, and want to teach the method to any locals who wish to learn.

Anyways, if you want me to introduce you to them, just email me. I’ve only been in contact with the wife. Her name is Jenifer Neidig.

Best wishes,

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You may consider reaching out to Tree that Feed, as they would know of some successful examples in the Caribbean. Send me an email at and I can help make the contact.

Best Regards,