Agroforestry Research Survey

Greetings everyone.

I am conducting Graduate research at the University of Missouri entitled “Tropical Agroforestry Best Practices”. The following link takes one to the research survey. If you have experience with Agroforestry in the Tropics, Please help me out by completing the survey, which only takes a few minutes. Hopefully, the Research will also be utilized at Echo once it is completed this Spring.

Tropical Agroforestry Survey

Thanks so much!

Michael Cooley


Michael, I am corresponding with a gentleman in Sudan who is wanting to start a ‘Agroforestry Research Hub Incubator’ so I would encourage you to touch base with him to see if any one he knows is actively doing any projects that might correlate with what you need. God bless you. See if this link works for you:


I didn’t see it listed on the survey, but the only reason agroforestry started in our area was to stop massive soil erosion. The region is Itapua, Paraguay. They desperately need to implement agroforestry practices there. There was an attempt by a group to use inga uruguensis in alley cropping system but it didn’t catch on.

So, do you like the graduate program at Mizzou. I was looking at the online program. How has your experience been?



Wow, this is quite the project they are undertaking. Thanks for the contact information!

Michael Cooley

Greetings Justin,

The Mizzou program is really good…remembering that it is online. Classes such as ArcGIS can be difficult remotely.

I received the Graduate Certificate in Agroforestry in May of 2018 and will, Lord willing, have the MSc in May. The program overall is fantastic if you do well with online education.

In the Lamb,



I have emailed Mr. Ahmed and Dr. Jabal regarding the Sudan project. Perhaps there can be some corroboration.

Thanks for the contact!



Its really a shame they didn’t give the Inga system a chance. It is very effective.



Dr. Jabal seems pleased to have heard from you. . I think it is great. I would like to chat with you by phone. Call me or use the cell number below if you can.



Jeff and Becky Ulmer Jeff’s cell : 740-208-6608

Hi Jeff!

Will try to give you a call tomorrow or Monday.