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Ana Zuidema's Introduction to AgrAbility

My name is Ana Zuidema and I have been helping farmers in the USA who have disabling injuries and illnesses with Ned Stoller, as his assistant, for a year now. Here in the States, we have a program called AgrAbility funded by the USDA to meet farmers on their farms and help figure out how to modify tools and equipment and farming methods to enable them to keep working productively. With additional funding though Fulfilling Life Ministries, we are happy to personally offer those same services remotely to anyone in the world with pictures and videos. Please let me know if there is anyone in your network who would like to talk with us!

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Hello Ana,
Reading your article makes me feel exited and interested on learning more on what you are doing and how can it also help people in my community .Am interested and i need your help because ,Matungu Community Development Charity a community based organisation i work with works with local farmers and it has been difficult for us to help disability farmers .Please advise on way forward and how can we partner please
Kind regards ,
Vincent Atitwa-MCDC -Director

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Thanks, Ana. We welcome these references to how farmers and gardeners around the world may remain productive if disabled. We share links to AgrAbility and others in this collection -

Does anyone have additional helpful resources to share here?

Hi Vincent Atitwa,

What difficulties are you having with helping disabled farmers? Is it the lack of equipment that they can use to farm? Is it because of the way culture views them? If you’re able to give me some more information, that would be helpful in knowing how to help you further!


we our institute is dealing with the creation of irrigation equipment in the field in a simple and cost-effective way and is environmentally friendly can we do with you? .

Hi Ana, I am interested in this. I work with farmers in Malaysia.