Apple tree for Shade and Green Job

An apple community or an Apple Garden is a good start to increase small scale farmers income and adding value to local indigenous fruits by encouraging a mixed blended Aple fruit juice with indigenous fruits.Am also looking forward to consider on helping the Small scale farmers in Kenya on planting of an apple for a shade and income in their compounds trying to plant in places its never practiced especially by small scale farmers where they can also be helped by the seeds,guide manuals,funding,expert training and enable everyone in their community to enjoy a shade under an apple tree. Apple fruits will help on food security and also on health “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is an old Welsh proverb that most of us are familiar with, but what makes this fruit so special? What health benefits are associated with eating apples? Warding off breast cancer.
There is growing evidence suggesting that an apple a day may help prevent breast cancer, according to a series of studies conducted by prominent Cornell researcher Rui Hai Liu.
Liu said her research adds to “the growing evidence that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, including apples, would provide consumers with more phenolics, which are proving to have important health benefits. I would encourage consumers to eat more and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily.”
From a social aspect, fruit trees help people become connected to the growing process while also providing a nutritious food source and food security. Planting fruit trees also has many helpful environmental benefits, from cleaner air to reduced energy costs and green jobs.