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Appropriate Technology for Hand Washing solutions - Covid19

I’m assembling an information “catalog” for NGO contacts in Uganda and Ghana for appropriate technology hand washing stations. This will be a range of solutions for both rural and urban public settings like bus stations and truck parks where food and produce are transferred. I have good plans for several Tippy Tap variations, as well as a 2 bucket hand wash system that was developed for earthquake disaster relief using a push rod and ball assembly valve for the bottom of a bucket. Also CAWST has published a great one with a foot pump made from a motorcycle inner tube. - It does need some harder to find valves but easy to make local versions with a little pipe flow redesign.
But what do you all have or have seen? Foot powered, gravity, flow, simple solar pumped systems all welcome. I’d be happy to give a pointer to any folks who need any of these resource ideas. Looking at a solar power for a wrecked car windshield washer pump, yes a little fancy, but that might encourage use just for the novelty.

Thank you! We have added your link to our Tippy Tap collection and welcome other workable variations.

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In doing this research I found a “catalog” of commercially available items for hand washing that was published for the disaster relief community, Elrha - Humanitarian Innovation Fund, so it is list a broad collection, but not from manufacturers. Date 2016 so pretty current: This might be of value to the community.