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As a poor Haiti, can agriculture help the development and survival of the people who live there? I'm waiting for your heart. Hi everybody I'm Wilguens

As a poor Haiti, can agriculture help the development and survival of the people who live there? I’m waiting for your heart.
Hi everybody
I’m Wilguens

There is simple way of producing food by the poorest people now being developed.
Contact Graham Knight, BioDesign
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Thank you very much for your sprit of sharing a and caring.
There are quite many ways as you read from different response but do not forget to consider some factors.
Nature of soil, rain fall, culture and what leaders wish for there people along climate change and its adoption strategies.
We humans living to day we must remember not to leave this huge. work to politician only

Best regards from Kizito Richard.

Bonjou Wilguens,
Kijan ou ye?
Yes, agriculture must be a part of Haitian development. There is a lot of room for improvement. Write me at . I’ll add you to my Haiti agriculture mailing list and send you my slideshow.

Absolutely it can!
I believe the most important aspect of a humans survival is Jesus. After that, one of the next most important things is, how we care for the earth and our knowledge of how to produce food in the most sustainable way.
I have seen Ag development change the way people farm and eat in very positive ways. That said, I’ve seen people trying to do Ag development change things in a bad way too. We need to make sure we understand what development is and make sure that’s what we’re doing.
An acquaintance of mine once said: I paraphrase “The pivotal issue is engaging and supporting the people who have always lived there. If agricultural development leaves them behind, it is not real progress."

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Hi Bryan,
I thank you very much Bryan for your invaluable answer to which you give me, I think so too but my country is currently going through a difficult stalemate at the moment. Being a young Christian I feel the pain of the Haitian people flowing from the depths of my being because, the Lord our God do not destine us to live like this. I think that my country can survive and there is hope in Jesus to survive. It's true that we have a bad leader, who thinks only of them and their families, often the decisions they make for the people come to nothing. I thank you bcp Bryan
God bless you.

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I know the pain you feel. I have lived in Haiti and work here for quite a few years now and have many friends and neighbors I see struggling through this hard time of political instability. This is a good example of when Ag development helps. Areas that have good developed Ag will still have food and water to live on even when the rice and beans from the USA can’t make it out from Port-Au-Prince. It’s areas that have abandoned Ag and food production that really hurt during this time because the imported foods became very hard to find and the prices are very inflated.

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Good morning members, marry Christmas to you all, for a person to rip well from agriculture, the first thing is to change mind set and development of interest for any agricultural endeavor but not ones status, therefore the poor people of Haiti can develop Agriculture if they have the interest positive mind set towards agriculture along side with the adoption and use of the recent innovations.thanks

The basic needs of human are food, clothing and shelter, any other thing is luxury. I’ve realized that farming is one of the simplest job with no competition. If every household own a farm the problem of hunger will be solve and with extra effort we can eradicate poverty.