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Black Sapote and Canistel Seeds Available!


From the ECHO Global Seed Bank:

We have a few packets of canistel (it was a productive season so this is the first time in years we’ve been able to offer this fruit tree seed) seed available right now. They are short-lived seeds so order soon!

Black sapote seed is also available right now.

Loquat will be harvested and available in the next few weeks.


A link to the seeds would be helpful. I did a search and found nothing about buying seeds.

Also would be helpful to discuss “why” one would want to buy/grow them.


Good point Ronny! Because seeds are only available to certain membership types, I will post the link to the seed order page. Click on the green ‘order seeds’ box and then you can search for the seeds from there.

Here is the plant information sheet for black sapote and canistel. All plant information sheets can be found here.

Thanks for your feedback!


Also, please order all of your seeds from one seed bank or the other. Both the Asia Seed Bank (in Thailand) and the Global Seed Bank (in Florida) take seed orders through the same online catalog. The Asia Seed Bank can only ship seeds to addresses in Asia. The Asia seeds have a name in Thai script and are marked [ASIA Only*]. The Black Sapote and Canistel seeds are currently available from the Global Seed Bank in Florida.