Black Sapote and Loquat Now in Season!

These subtropical trees are in fruit production here in Florida and the seeds are now available through the Global Seed Bank. Order them now as they fresh and ready to plant. Let us know if you have any questions!

The ECHO Global Seed Bank

Hi Holly this Dan Kolb I am interested in trying some. I have some white sapote that survived the recent cold. We got down to 18 one night and 14 hrs below freezing. I lost alot of trees, Longans and starfruit 2years in the ground and protected under big oaks did not make it. Central Florida is pushing it, but we have not been that cold that long since the early 80’s. How much cold will the black sapote take?

Hi Dan! Black Sapote can tolerate 28-30F after it is established. Here is the plant information sheet: