Bsf farming project

I’m Josiah Kalambo from Dar es salaam.

I want to learn BSF Farming and invest on that project.

I have my plot of about 40 acres which I want to invest on ;

  1. Bsf larvae breeding project.

  2. Chicken and Duck farming

  3. Cassava farming

  4. Sugarcane farming

  5. Horticulture

    Please now we are looking for consultation from ECHO so that we can move forward smoothly in our target.

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Karibu sana, ndugu Josiah!
Kuhusu BSF kuna shamba endelevu Morogoro ambao wanafundisha. Tembelea tovuti yao:

Pia kuna whatsapp group ya permaculture Tanzania, labda ungependa kujiunga, nitakutumia link kwenye PM.

Na sisi tuna shamba endelevu karibu na Dodoma, tovuti yetu:

Karibu sana! Ila na sisi tumeanza tu kufuga BSF, kwa hiyo hatuna mazoea sana, wale wa Morogoro wana system kubwa zaidi.

Hello Josiah,

My name is Patrick Trail, I work at the ECHO Asia Impact Center in Thailand. We have a functional BSF production system on our farm here and have technical resource and training materials that may be of interest to you. Here is a step-by-step guide that we recently published entitled: “Establishing a Scaled-Up Black Soldier Fly Production System”. We also have a virtual training workshop video that I can send you if you are interested?

Best of luck!


Hello Patrick
My name is Marie an agro economist and farmer in Cameroon. Please I have been researchering on BSF production. Your above document is good, please can I have the virtual training video. Email

Hello Marie,

I will send the video training material shortly! I hope it will be helpful to you.


Hello Patrick. I have read your article and i must say its the most simplified of all the literature i have come across in terms of addressing different knowledge gaps. Thanks for the good work. Kindly share the video to my email

Thank you @Mr_Evanson_Maiyo, glad to hear you found our material useful and practical. We are sending you the BSF video material now.

Thank you for your reply. I am waiting and will be glad to learn more from you.
Best regards

Hello Patrick,

can I also ask you for the video on BSF rearing? Please send it to

Thank you

Hi Patrick, I would also like to have the virtual training video on BSF. Could you please send it to Thank you Echo for the amazing work.

Yes, you should receive the BSF virtual training video in your inboxes soon!

Hi Patrick,

I interested about your project, please send the video to me as well.


Thank you.


Hi August! I just sent you a link to it!

For anyone else looking for this training, here is the direct link:

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