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Buscando aliados, looking for allies

Hi, my family and I recently moved to Colombia after several years in Bolivia. I’m looking for anyone in the ECHO community who live and work in Colombia. I am interested in visiting and meeting them and their work if possible. We are spending this year exploring where we would like to buy some land and start a agroecological community. Our ministry focuses on Indigenous peoples, specifically supporting Indigenous church leaders, but I also have a degree in Agroecology, Culture and Sustainable Development and we are looking for ways to integrate that with our work with Indigenous churches and communities.

Hi Drew,

You might try the Member Search on the ECHOcommunity homepage to see if it can lead you to EC network members in Colombia.

Hi Drew, My name is Jeff Dixon and I am helping a friend develop 325 hector farm in Kampong Spue.
I’m an American that has been in Cambodia for 2 1/2 years after 15 years in China.

Would love to meet up with you. Please email or phone 010 932 371


Hi Drew,
A couple suggestions for you. If you would like to email me your WhatsApp number at I can add you to a group for Latin America. The other suggestion would be to get in touch with Andrés Soler (he is a member of echocommunity and part of the WhatsApp group). He runs a small farm outside of Bogota and has a passion for working with indigenous peoples as well. A great guy that could possibly help you find good contacts. I could also introduce you through an email. Not sure what indigenous groups you are hoping to work with, but I also have some contacts through the organization I was previously with that could possibly help.


I know of a ministry called Guajaro that supports indigenous churches and does community development. They are partners of an organization called AlfaLit. Aside from Andres Soler, there is another ECHOcommunity member who also works in Colombia with indigenous groups. I’d be happy to put you in touch with those contacts. Email me at or message me through this platform.
Connecting with the WhatsApp group that @Elliott_Toevs mentioned would also be good.