BusIness suppy. I am in Cameroon. I just realize we don't have cashew nuts. I want to start a business. How can I have it

I attended a conference in Benin where I ate cashew nuts for my first time. Believe me its was good. I did some research and found out its very healthy. But unfortunately it’s not in Cameroon. I wish to supply it to my country can some one advice me on this. Thank you.

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Well i believe cashew is indigenous to most of the African countries and the propagation is easily handled and managed my individuals. If you can contact me we can discuss exclusively on making it work in your country.

Thank you Kayode . I am so grateful. Actually I will be very happy if we can do that. Just tell me how to go about it. What are the necessary conditions for cashew production. I will love to introduce it in many communities in my country.

Here are some resources that might be helpful

Madame Nsobih there are indeed Cashew trees being grown and processed here in Cameroon. They are mainly common in the more northern half of the country, known as Anacardier (from Latin Anacardium occidentale). We purchased several in Ngaoundere and are growing them here in the Adamaoua region. We have not found yet a place that processes them, that will be our major challenge. The trees are growing well and very quickly so we are also interested in growing more of them. Wish you success with your endeavor! I have seen cashew nuts processed and for sale in old water bottles in the town of Bamenda, but I can’t find the business in Cameroon who is doing it.

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Marie, Please I need a contact of someone I can get pure honey to buy in Cameroun.

As for Cashew Nut, We have it in abundance. Contact me if you need. Here is my e-mail Address:

My dear country Lady, cashew is cultivited in Cameroon, specially in the North and Farnorth regions. The Goverment is promoting the growing of this plant by giving seeds to farmers. Please.

As far as cashew is concerned one member of the Government has distributed today (15/07/19) cashew plants to farmers of the Adamaoua Region.

Dear Marie,
Amazing, to read from you that you just eat cashew for the first time, well contact me we can work this out so many of such cashew product here in my country Nigeria