Compressor for filling Biogas into Bottles

Has anyone bottled biogas? How is your system designed? What kind of compressor did you use? Would you mind sharing the design plans?
Some of our refugee folks who raise pigs want to build a biogas digester and bottle the biogas for use in the refugee camp.
Anyone has a sample business plan for such a project?

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This article may be helpful, Isaac. I’ll look for more. It appears that there are solutions around this topic. Do any network members have alternatives to help Isaac?

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Hello Isaac,

We have successfully bottled biogas here at the ECHO Asia Farm and know a local dairy that does it regularly. I will ask Toh, our Agriculture Program Manager, to join this conversation so that he can help you with some of the specifics.

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Thanks Patrick. Look forward to hearing from you or Toh.

I never bottled biogas but I have preserved the methen gas in a large used tube. I use the air-pump to pump the gas in the tube.

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Here is another take on containerizing biogas. Have other network members found solutions?

Thanks very much. Is there a way that you can do a video of your system? We would like to see how this works and how the setup is so we too can make ours if it is simple enough.

Please kindly check your archives if you might have some videos. I would greatly appreciate videos of the setup so we too can build ours.
Is there a market for biogas in Thialand? How do you sell it?

2 people I would suggest to contact that have vast knowledge & experience:

  1. Dr T.H.Culhane and Solar CITIES Biogas Innovators and Practioners
  2. Dominic Wanjihia at Biogas International (Kenya)