Cow Pea Cover Crop

I received my Green Manure/Cover Crop Bundle กลุ่มพืชคลุมดินพืชปุ๋ยส and Cowpea/ถั่วดำ bundles from the Asia Seed Bank. Thank you !!!

1/ Would it be okay to begin planting the cover crops on August 1st? I am located on Koh Chang in Thailand. Is it perhaps too late in the season?

2/ is it best to soak the seeds prior to planting?

3/ Best way to sow? I have no machines…

Any feedback most welcome.

The Cow pea is very easy for us to grow here in the Philippines. One of the quickest growing productive plants we have found. Seems to grow on about any soil. The beans are a great food if picked quickly to eat as a green vegetable. Our goats love the plant to graze on. The following crops seem to benefit from the nitrogen. We plant it by hand with any simple tool. We have only been growing it for a year now but find it very easy to grow.