Cow urine as fungicide or fertiliser

I want to use cow’s usirne as a fungicide and fertiliser. there are plenty of videos on Youtube, but they are all in Indian languages, so no use to me. Can anyone direct me to a source in English or tell me the requirements please?

Hi Eric,

I’ve never run across large studies using only urine as fertilizer, but here is a resource using manure :$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/irr5716

Another paper with manures, beef cattle composition is around page 24 :

Here is a study suggesting 100cc/L is the best tested urine to water concentration for this crop :

This study talks about using a 15% concentration of urine against 3 pathogens, resulting in around 70% suppression :

Over all, you have to remember that nutrient concentration is highly dependent on the animals’ diet. Pathogens are also variable, and may not react the same to urine. It’s also easier to collect manure than urine.

Hope something there helps!

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