Crawling cowpea seed, Lojy Be or other

Hi, has anyone found a seed source for crawling cowpeas or the Lojy Be crawling cowpea that is talked about in “Restoring the Soil”?

I can’t speak for the Lojy Be, but a climbing cowpea called Red Ripper can be purchased from Petcher Seeds.

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I’m specifically looking for one that crawls on the ground instead of one that climbs up the plants. Roland Bunch talks about this variety in his book.

Hi Mike, one variety in our seed bank is listed as “creeping”. I think it was also called a crawling cowpea that we obtained from our Thailand office.

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We have here (Northern Nigeria), a local variety(which we use as a local check in our Cowpea research trials @ IITA), called “KANANNADO”
It is ‘crawling type’



Hello Sir,

how can I get the seeds? I intend to plant them in Cameroon

Thanks in advance