Democratic Republic of Congo - Family Strengthening Through Child Sponsorship


My name is Heather Hall, and I am preparing to work with a child sponsorship program in Gemena, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Here is a basic summary of this work:

-Organization: GlobalFingerprints (GF)
-Site: Gemena, DRC
-Mission: We partner with the local church (Free Church of Congo) to increase their outreach to orphans and vulnerable children by strengthening families through child sponsorship.
-My Future Role: GF Congo Site Coordinator (hopefully becoming full-time by May of 2024)
-Scope: We partner with the Free Church of Congo to work with over 1,700 orphans and vulnerable children and their families. In addition to in-home rural outreach, our ministry includes a temporary home for special needs children, a training center (includes 100+ acres of farming), and a private school.
-Need: Malnutrition is the primary issue for our kids and families, so we will eventually be looking to see how we can further educate and equip families in malnutrition prevention and agricultural skills (historically, have had limited success with home gardens). Possibly also agricultural training at the training center.

Because there are so many details and gaps to fill-in, Iā€™d love to meet online to explain further.

Thanks so much!

P.S. I have already met with Rosanna Hess, and she informed Grace Ju Miller of our work.

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Great work. I pray you have optimum cooperation with the free Church.