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Diatomaceous earth use in rice storage for natural insect control

Is anyone using diatomaceous earth to control insects in stored rice? Are there any good sources for diatomaceous earth in Thailand? I saw this report from Indonesia, and wondered what others thought:

Diatomaceous earth is a nice solution for controlling insects and there are a number of commercial products available. I am not certain of the application to rice or the specific pests you are trying to control, but I assume the vendors will label their product for the commodities and pests that their products are used for. Regarding the article you reference, they indicate the DE is better than hermetic storage, which is likely not an accurate statement. Hermetic storage is effective when done correctly. Wide mouth drums are likely not airtight, and their hermetic bags likely had holes as they pointed out in their 2nd report. If you can seal rice in something like a 55 gallon drum with small bung openings, then you can achieve 100% control of pests without any chemicals.

Thanks, Floyd. Very helpful info.

Do you know how long it takes for insects to suffocate in a full, sealed container? Any research articles or publications you can recommend on this topic?

I have see plans for sealed metal corn bins sized for one family’s consumption which we could look into for rice storage.


Are PICS bags an option for you?

Wow, I just saw the notification that you asked me a follow up question. Insects will die in a few days in a sealed container, and before they do any significant damage. You mention the plans for the sealed metal corn bins, but we’ve found that those are very difficult to make air-tight and can be quite expensive. It is tough to beat a 55gal/100L metal drum. The PICS bags that Lorraine mentioned are also very effective.
Here is a link to a paper we published that lists several options.

Thanks, Floyd!