Dissemination of rocket stove construction

Here is a link to Presentation of Rocket stove from Tanzania
The rocket stove is developed by Bethuel Mshanga and Esben Rojel in common.
Could anybody tell me where I submit the video and drawings describing the construction of the stove to
ECHO technical resource unit - for evaluation.

Esben Rojel

Presentation of Rocket stove from Tanzania by Bethuel Mshanga.mp4 - Google Drive

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Try these email addresses: ECHO, Inc. echo@echonet.org, ECHO Asia Impact Center echoasia@echocommunity.org

Dear Layni Soderberg,

The link isn’t working

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It appears that the rocket stove video was removed by the author. This link to the ECHOcommunity collection on rocket stoves may be of help. Other submissions are welcome.

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Hi Dr. Lydia!

The video and documents are openly available on ECHOcommunity at the following link! We hope you find them valuable for your work:


Dear Stacy, many thanks. Most appreciated

Dear ssnyder,
Many thanks for the resources