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Do you have feedback on ECHOcommunity Mobile App?

We announced the app during Conference today. While it is WAY to early for true evaluation, we would appreciate hearing from people about ‘first impressions’. This would be very useful to us as we work on completing this first version and as we communicate with donors supporting the app’s development. Thanks so much!

Steve it works for me. I downloaded some resources. I’ll be interested in seeing how it works in Haiti next week.

Fantastic, Edward! We’ll be very interested to hear about your experience. We will have more ‘instructional’ info available in the full release in a few weeks, but I hope you will be able to help us with how intuitive the app is ‘as is’. Thanks so much.

I was able to use the app in Haiti. I started downloading a resource then went into an area with no service. Later when getting a signal again it finished the download.

One thing we has a problem with is how to delete a seed report if you made a mistake and wanted to start over.

Hi Edward. Thanks so much for letting us know your experience!

On deleting a Seed Trial, swipe left should work.

Our developer is completely redoing the Seed Trial section before our ‘official’ release.

  1. Record syncing will be much more robust.

  2. The feature has been renamed My Plant Records

  3. Users will be able to add plants and varieties that are not currently included.