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Does anyone know what plant is this? Gimboa from Angola


I am working on a diet quality project and came across this green leafy veg that is common in Angola.

It’s hard to know for sure from internet search, but some sources say it is sweet potato leaves. They don’t quite look like sweet potato leaves to me, but I am not a plant person :slight_smile: So I thought to ask the community here in case someone recognizes it. It is known as gimboa or jimboa in Angola. Here is also a video where someone is showing how to cook them.

Thanks so much for your help!


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Amaranthus caudatus - Grain Amaranth is also known as Gimboa

Checking the picture in Food Plants International database - seems to be the same.

FPI’s database covers over 30K edible plants.

Amaranthus caudatus.pdf (635.4 KB)

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You beat me to it Steve! That’s what I was about to do also!

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This is a delicious and nutritious plant that grows very easily- it has become a weed in my garden.

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Thank you all @ssnyder and all. I appreciate your help!