Earthbag perimeter wall. How long can it be?

Hello! I am new to the earthbag construction method and I find it fascinating! (I am from Mexico)
My first project will be to set a perimeter wall. I see in block or regular construction materials that every 3 meters (more or lees) there is a support column made of concrete. Does it work like this in a earthbag constructed wall?
I hope someone could help me :slight_smile:

This link might help you.

This is a nice constriction method if the required steps are mantained well.
Are these below applicable.
1- What type of earth a you going to pack in bags.
2- Can you use lime motar instead of bear earth.
3- Between the layers of bags, why do not you apply a reinforcement of strong wood or bamboo.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Richard K