Echo alumni groups

Dear Friends, Are there any Echo alumni or people affiliated with Echo who live in Dallas who would like to get together to share ideas about agriculture?

Hi Layni, have you ever connected with @Brad_Ward or @Elizabeth_Casey? I believe they are in the area and would be great people to get to know!

The name Brad Ward sounds familiar. I think I have spoken to him but not yet spoken to Elizabeth.

Hi @Layni_Soderberg ! I saw this notification pop up on my phone back in Sept, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out where it came from. So glad to have found it here. I’m an ECHO intern alumni (2018-2019) and recently moved to the Lake Dallas area (originally from Ft. Worth). If you’re nearby, I’d love to get together to chat agriculture. Thanks for the connection, @Elliott_Toevs .

I have some long-term plans for a permaculture garden at my new property that I’m slowly starting on. I also plan to join the North Texas Mycological Association in the new year. Do you have any projects you’re currently into? Feel free to email me at to connect.

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