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Explaining Use of Walker Cart for Anyone Around the World

The picture above shows a Walker Cart used in the United States that enables workers to carry loads around the farm and lean on the cart for balance at the same time. This walker cart can also be modified (with materials that can be used and built throughout the world) with a lowered seat cushion (shown below) on the cart to sit and ‘pull’ along as needed. Produce, plants and small loads of other materials are often picked up and moved. Carrying such loads is impossible to do with poor balance. These materials can be loaded onto the cart and then pushed to the destination with much less effort than carrying.

If you’re interested in learning how to build a Walker Cart of your own (or for someone else), please reach out and we will give you instructions on how construct your own.

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Sure, I’d love to see the plans.


Hi Larry,

We will get back to you with those plans soon! I apologize for not responding sooner!

Larry, this walker cart is built from scrap bicycle parts and rebar. A 10-foot-long section of rebar was bent into a rectangle 20✖️40 inches. Rebar rods were welded across to make a rack. The rebar rack was welded onto the front yokes of two bicycles to make it into a cart. The front wheel with handlebars from another bicycle was welded to one end of the cart to provide steering and handles to lean on while moving the cart. This helps people with back and mobility impairments to lift and carry loads around the farmland and to market.