Feed Block Recipe Request

Hi Everyone!

Brandi in Honduras is requesting your ideas and input on homemade mineral salt blocks. Do you have a recipe that has worked well for you?

Do you think that cement is a safe ingredient to use? Brandi shared:

“I am going to mix the clay block possibly it will hold up better, but am looking at all the options. Here it is very humid and the salt blocks we have bought just fall apart quickly. I saw a video of a man making them with cement in Jamaica.”

Hey Brandyi curious where you are in Honduras. We are in the Santa Barbara department.

Instead of trying to use a block we find it better to use loose salt and loose minerals in a shallow bucket so animals can consume as they desire. Secondly, local farmers have told me they have problems with salt licks because they are often so hard that cattle wear their teeth down chewing on the salt lick. Bottom line is, we don’t see any reason to go with a salt lick.