Feeding chickens animal waste

Have any in this community read or have experience in calculating some rough ratio of how many chickens can be can be grown when they are eating the waist of larger animals like sheep or cows or pigs?

We raise sheep using a cut and carry system. We feed no grain. The chickens are in the same barn with the sheep and do a lot of feeding with the waste of the sheep. The chickens feed on the floor of the sheep pens but they also feed in the pile of waste that accumulates when we clean the sheep pens each week.

In addition to the nutrition the chickens obtain from the sheep waste, we also supplement them with other feed. Iā€™m wondering if anyone has ever calculated the feed value in this sort of a system.

One part of this would help a person to calculate the value of an animal like a sheep who provides manure and compost for other plants, provides offspring to sell or eat and they are also providing feed for chickens.

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