FFF or FGW resources in French?

Anyone have documents/manuals for Foundations for Farming or Farming God’s Way in French? I’m particularly interested in their gardening manual.

Of course as soon as i ask, i start finding the resources here at ECHO.

I’m still looking for the gardening manual though.

Here’s an even nicer format

Hi Brian yes we have this. I live in the French speaking part of Switzerland but regularly travel into Africa working with Youth with a mission doing training. We are in contact with Grant Dryden who created the FGW resources.

For Farming God’s way if you go to their website and click on the resources tab then the trainers manual is translated.

The vegetable guide is translated and we are working on the page layout and final rereads so it should be up on their website soon.

For FFF food for the hungry Switzwerland has been working for a while on translating materials. I don’t have a personal contact with FFF but I would imagine if you reached out to them they would have this now. I can also connect with Roger Zurcher, food for the hungry here in Switzerland to find out where he is up to if that would be a more helpful link



Here is the French version of the field guide your looking for-


Prends soin de toi et sois béni,

Thanks David. The field guide is very helpful. I’ll look into your suggestions for the vegetable guide. Because of some security issues, i’ve moved from a very dry area to a region much more suited to gardening and want to give it a try as well as encourage some local pastor-farmers to try it out.

I guess i was mixing replies, the other suggestions were from Richard, but thank you for the field guide.

Thanks for the info. I will try to follow up with both FGW and FFF, but will appreciate it if you let me know when/if you gain access to it. God Bless,