Finding Jack Beans

We are seeking Jack Beans in Kenya.
There seems to be a national shortage!
Can anyone help? Please

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How much do you need?
We have them here in Tanzania.

Hi John David,
Iā€™m told it is expensive and lengthy to deal with border controls.
If you can send them easily that will be great.

How much per kilo?

Graham Knight

Sir Graham,
Thank you for the reply.
Jack beans are available at Tsh.3000/ @ kg.
Lets communicate to arrange the transport , i have an access on it.

Hi Graham I Spoke to Bibiana Kuria via Phone and confirmed she has some Jack Bean climbing kind seeds and now am making an appeal to help purchase at least 50Killos retailing at Kes 2000.00 a kilo and begin with 50 farmers or what can be afforded for startup this can also be through partnership to also support on facilitation on some other logistics for travel to reach the farmers and training and begin with few farmers for piloting and training.
Especially now the lands are being ploughed for planting on the onset of rains next month and April.
Beginning with all the two kinds will be good. The bushy and the climbing kind.
This is important to also help the remote small scale rural farmers to understand the distinction between the two kinds and begin direct to re-fertilizing/nourishing their small degraded plots soil and learn more about the benefit of cover crops as they practice planting it and in long run it can provide the soil some reasonable fertility.
I also understand that full re-fertilizing can take several seasons if the soil is severely depleted and this will also be explained to the farmers. Some manual will be printed to help them study on their own especially those without smartphone or internet access and also the planting Jabber will be required to train them on how to use this technique on their own.
My NGO serve both rural and urban based marginalized communities and its on a national scale just ready to utilize this opportunity to serve many small scale farmers farmers and also re-fertilize most degraded plots and lands across Kenya so we may reach our objective on food security through safety food nets among other environmental and climate issues .