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Fruit tree/shrub seeds for Tanzania

The fruit tree selection in Tanzania is rather limited. I would like to get as many different fruit trees and shrubs that would fit the Tanzanian (more specifically Dodoma) climate.
Some ideas about what other fruit would be nice:
different kinds of sapote
miracle fruit
different kinds of passion fruit
inga (might become invasive though)
Num num

How would something like this be possible? Some seeds only have a very short viability (inga, jaboticaba). It would be great is something like a seed sharing network could be established.

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I have the same problem. I am in Haiti. I am building a compound for widows (51 homes) inside what I plan to be my orchard land and let them do management plus do seed production for vegetables. I too can’t figure out how to get trees or seeds. It’s a need for sure.
Not sure how to fix it.
ECHO is the best source but timing is key and then you have the phytosanitary certificate problem.

Hello Jay, What about Breadfruit trees?? In that area they are prominent

I’ve long wondered what (tree and plant) fruits are native to various parts of Africa. Do you know? Are they not so available?

Hi Martin and Jay,
I represent Food Plant Solutions, we specialise at extracting information from the world’s largest database to identify the most nutritious food plants KNOWN to grow in a country or region, presenting that information in educational materials.
Tanzania has for example, over 2,100 edible plants known to grow there. Of these, over 200 are fruit trees and over 110 are fruit shrubs, (there may be some crossover in these numbers).
In Haiti, there are over 800 edible plants known to grow there. Of these, approximately 100 are fruit trees and nearly 30 are fruit shrubs.
You can learn more about our work at or email me at

Thank you Karalyn.
However, the main problem is how to get seeds for those plants in Tanzania. If you have any insight in that, I would be grateful.