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Fully funded mission work in remote Haiti

My wife and I have been working in Savanette, Haiti for 20 years. We are 70 and 74 years old.
As you may know, ECHO started in Les Cayes by Dr. Martin Price, and the community believes we today are the owners of his farm.
I attended ECHO annually since 2004 but sadly the annual meeting is now in the week we take our A-Team into Haiti.
I am looking for someone to take over ownership of the entire mission.
We have invested $3 million dollars in this community and this is our current status.

  1. We have a K-9 12 grade school that won ‘Best six schools in Sud’ two years ago.
  2. We are working with William Ceneah, the agronomist to the President of Haiti to do 12 agricultural conferences a year.
  3. We just turned on our 300 watt solid-state FM radio transmitter and plan to work solely on agricultural education, Christian music and news.
  4. Our conference center seats 177 people and there are currently 150 beds, though we can expand easily to 186.
  5. The farm has 19,000 feet of PVC, five wells, all water is potable, 550,000 cubic feet of streams and ponds (not yet populated) and the first permaculture conference in the Caribbean will be held at the farm.
  6. The guest house holds 40 people with hot and cold water, all potable, 180 solar panels, all Grundfos pumps (7)
  7. In the fall, we open our 1600 square foot two suite surgical facility, all solar, air conditioned, bug free, HEPA filtered, with 40,000 pair of glasses in the optical department.
  8. We just started growing trees for TreesThatFeed of Chicago and it is now paying all payroll for the farm.
  9. There are 86 plantings of Bamboo on drip irrigation around the farm.
  10. On this trip, we started 50 of the 124 rabbit cages with inventive vermiculture system for easy composting.
  11. On this trip, Jan opens her 1600 sf solar powered sewing center that will employ 30 women full time. she has 55 women who make $400 a year working in their homes making jewelry, for the past 10 years.
  12. In addition to all of this, we have a Clorox factory, plan to manufacture our own animal feeds using Moringa, sorghum worms and breadfruit flour. Our agroforestry was badly damaged in 2016 by Hurricane Matthew (190 MPH direct hit) and we built 45 homes and put on 25 roofs. God prunes better than we do.
    My wife and I have enough planning in place for salary funding and benefits for a family.
    The photos on the website are a year out of date and I can easily take you on a tour using Zoom.Email or call me if interested.
    Jay Nielsen M.D.
    Missions International of America
    103 Wentworth Court, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551
    Cell: 419-360-9490
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Interested . I am interested and I ant to know more about it

This is a terrrible format, I never check it and I get no notice
Email me at or call me 419-360-9491 cell/text

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