Fungus Growing On Herbs

How Do You Keep Fungus Off Plants In Humid Areas, Like In The Tropics?


Hi Bianco! We’ve had some issues with fungus here at ECHO in Florida as well. Can you share more information about where the plants are that you are finding fungus on? Are these plants growing in a field, in a greenhouse, or growing in agroforestry systems? What type of herbs are you having issue with fungus on?

My orange tree IS dying of fungus,chemical are notre efficient.would you advise me?
Every blessing

Has Any One Tried to use Chlorine Dioxide ?
I Used it But It Dried out some My Plants.
Neem oil and oregano oil (diluted) Work But are too Expensive.

I have trouble with Cranberry hibiscus, French breakfast Radish, Brandwine tomatos,and more.
They grow mostly on the leaves, stem not the flowers.
I use just normal pots for my plants.