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Garden and Grounds Manager Job Opportunity at SIFAT

What is SIFAT? You can see our “About Us” page at sifat .org and here is a short video explaining that.

What is the job?
The SIFAT Garden Manager is responsible for all SIFAT Gardens, fruit trees and
bushes, all landscaping, & greenhouses. The garden manager will have the skills to
maintain the beauty & efficiency of these spaces. In addition, they will also be
responsible for maintaining a creative mindset regarding appropriate technologies in the
garden. The garden manager will have an eye for detail & an attitude of servant
leadership. The garden manager will be responsible for working with the program
director & kitchen manager in regards to all Farm-to-Table Interns. They will also be in
charge of coordinating their assistant(s) to help maintain the landscaping, garden & grounds. It is
expected that the garden manager attend campus meetings as needed, and be attuned
to the happenings on campus. The overall goal of the garden manager is to plant and
harvest crops on behalf of SIFAT.

If you are interested you can apply now!