Giant bamboo and food

It seems that few people in Africa know that bamboo can provide excellent food!
In other parts of the world not only are bamboo shoots eaten but they are exported all around the world.
There is no better food.
What a shame that many farmers are unaware that they could not only have another crop but a safeguard against climate change with its unpredictable weather!
Here is one country that has woken up:
Bangladesh will become a bamboo-shoot exporting country soon as the Bangladesh Forest Research Institute (BFRI) has taken initiatives to promote its cultivation through introducing scientific methods and motivating farmers.
BFRI officials told the news agency that the country could fetch huge foreign exchange by exporting bamboo-shoots and other products made of bamboos as these have a huge demand in the international market.
After necessary processing, various types of tasty foods can be prepared from bamboo-shoot, a soft upper part of mature bamboo saplings, and the foods have a good demand internationally, including in USA, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and some European countries.

Graham Knight

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Thanks for your information. Until you learn from someone, you will never understand the importance of certain plants. Internet isn’t mostly available to many people. I will be a bamboo food adviser.