Global Ecovillage Network Europe "Gathering and Expo" in Sweden in August

Please share this news with anyone who might be interested.

I am participating in the team that is organizing the Ecovillage Sustainable Technology Exposition (Expo) in conjunction with the 2024 European Ecovillage Gathering GEN -Europe Gathering 2024 (to be held in Ängsbacka, Sweden, 20-25 August). And GEN is working to establish regional and global teams to communicate regularly about proven technologies that can be applied to all kinds of intentional communities.

Can we ask you to communicate these opportunities to your readers?

We welcome proposals for workshops/presentations and for showcasing proven technologies at the Expo, using either physical displays and/or poster descriptions. Please send workshop proposals no later than May 3. For participating in the Expo, please complete the Expo2024 Registration Form (web link available upon request).

This year, in addition to presenting the Expo we are striving to build a GEN-Europe Working Group on sustainable/appropriate technology! The idea is to convene a technology sharing-network among EU Ecovillages, to promote collaboration, provide information sharing activities, and raise awareness of successful tools, techniques, and practices. We are seeking both individuals and organizations as project supporters and participants. We are also planning to enlist individuals and organizations to respond to information requests about specific technology types and for specific geographical areas. We are working to develop a comprehensive, open-source [catalog of solutions](web link available on request), to include:

o architecture and landscape designs o energy systems
o agriculture and food o governance, decision-making,
o building materials and methods and social systems
o housing practices o transportation
o circular economies and waste minimization o water management

If you want to stay informed about these activities, please reply to this email with your contact information, and we will add you to our list. Please contact me with your questions and let me know what else I might do to make this easiest for you.

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I am Senetibeb Tadele from Ethiopia. I am working at agricultural ecosystem development. This conference will able to equip me with necessary method and network that will benefit small land holder farmers and international agricultural investors.

I would like to know more about the event.

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Thank you for your interest!

Please check the conference web page here:

Details are coming there by June, I expect. The GEN Team is working on the agenda for presentations and workshops now, but they have not yet announced the schedule and who will be presenting about what.

You are also invited to check this:

I am leading that project for the time being. I welcome your thoughts about what might be missing from that list so far, and you are invited to share any case studies you know about.

I am VERY interested in your work. In a previous conference presentation, I propose some ideas about how to use open-source practices to work with villages on food-energy-water solutions. You can find that presentation at my ResearchGate or Academia pages. You will find links at my Appropedia User Page.

Please let me know if you think of anything else I can provide for you in the way of support.

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Dear Tom ,Thank you for your email. We are starting the journey here in Ethiopia. The gathering like this will empower and help us with better understanding and experience with ecosystem development
. I would like to attend this event. My question are will there be a minimum support for partcipiant from Africa? Will the event also incorporated the visa for the event?

Thank you
senetibeb Tadele

Addis Ababa


Those are good questions. I am asking the conference hosts.

Tom Stanton
office/voice/mobile/sms = +1 517-775-7764
generally 9a to 5p, M-F or other hours by appt.