Growing cowpeas and soybeans in Haiti

Does anyone know of a farmer or farmers who are growing either cowpeas or soybeans in Haiti.

Heard these two crops are grown there but never met anyone who knows for sure.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, I haven’t seen anyone growing soybeans yet. There is a vining variety of cowpeas that they call “pwa kòni”.

Thank you, Mike. I appreciate your response.

Both of these crops are on our to-do list, but we have not yet planted them. Would you like for us to try an experiment? (Fleri Farm; Cite Soleil, Haiti)

Hey I see this is a old post so I was wondering what all you found?
I know a guy that’s growing forage cowpeas in Les cayes and I actually just messaged him today to see where he gets the seed but haven’t got a reply yet. I’ve tried growing soybeans and they didn’t do well at all. The ones I tried got hammered by rootknot nematodes and were not drought tolerant enough for our area.

I have distributed Red Ripper seed
(among other legume seed) and micronoc inoculant.
“Micronoc inoculant contains a broad spectrum of nitrogen fixing rhizobia bacteria as each legume requires a different strain.”
I haven’t gotten any feedback and don’t know if anyone has kept it going.
Semans yo pou pataje.pdf (686.9 KB)

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Mary Parr, who teaches at Berea College, wrote her thesis on soybeans in Malawi. It might be a useful reference: Promiscuous soybean Malawi Parr.pdf (1.7 MB)
There is also: “A GUIDE TO SOYBEAN PRODUCTION IN MALAWI”, which can be downloaded from researchgate.