Growing for seed in tropics

I’m only 2 seasonal cycles in Philippines. Part of my mission is growing for seed. In people’s experience, have you changed WHEN you choose to plant in order for the culminating part, seed processing, to be as successful as possible.

I hesitated to plant many seeds already and am waiting until October (and will have to contend with the strongest typhoon effects) in order to produce a seed for harvest in January/February when its more dry. This would make on plant drying more successful. This would make the processing through other methods to also be more successful.

Any tips? Learnings? Sharings?

Thank you for engaging this topic with me.

Hello Evan!

My name is Patrick, I am working at the ECHO Asia Impact Center, based in Thailand. Which crops are you growing for seed? This might help us all give you some better feedback.

Here in Thailand we definitely adjust our planting times depending on the crop type. We also rely more heavily on our greenhouse or ‘hoop house’ for growing certain crops during the rainy, which is our most difficult season, for seed saving but also for disease pressure (especially fungal). We also have some basic seed drying techniques we utilize, such as a low-cost seed drying cabinet. We have trouble drying seeds if we rely on solar drying during the rainy season.