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Growing hot weather onions?

Seeking a hot weather onion species for low-land cultivation in Chiriqui.
Any suggestions?

A short-day variety onion is best to plant the closer you are to the equator, if you want bulbs. If you plant a long-day variety, you’ll only get the green onions and no bulbs.

Echo’s seed bank carries three varieties of onion: “Red Burgundy” (short day), “White Sweet Spanish” (Intermediate), and “Evergreen Hardy White” (bulbless, but perennial).

Here is a technote where you may find more information on day-length sensitivity, seed saving, and storage.


Thank you for that information, Michelle.

Onions are the one vegetable I cannot live without. So, I have to find a variety that grows on a Pacific island with 70’s to 90’s temperature range and a 12 to 13 hour daylight cycle.

How about Red Creole. I am trying these in Haiti this year and they are available at Burpee.

Hi James,

Thank you for that suggestion.

I found a variety locally that makes a small bulb but grows in the heat of the coastal plain. I’m giving it a try to see if it will root and survive.

I like purple / red onions a lot and will look into buying some seeds. Let me know how they work for you.