Growing Jack beans as food

On this ECHO website there is a mention of a RAMA-BC project to grow and then eat Jack beans in Mozambique.
It used to be on the Web but has recently disappeared!
I am involved in similar project with thousands of SSA subsistence farmers growing Jack beans - as the first step to Agroecology.
I would like to know more about this project.
Can anyone help?


Please, can the Jack bean be eaten.

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If you download;

you will find all the details needed to turn Jack beans into delicious food.
Unfortunately the full details of the project in Mozambique have been removed from the Web!

If you want to know about a Jack bean project involving thousands of small farmers in Uganda and Kenya
email Graham at


Dear Grahams
Once I am able to purchase Jack bean, I will contact you for assistance.

Dear Akpobome_Agadaigho,
Jack beans are found in Nigeria but if you have a problem buy Velvet beans.
The come back to me when you want to cook them.

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Thank you sir, I will try to grow some to observe how they will grow in my NIGER Delta region.