Growing Turmeric

I have been trying to grow Turmeric and ginger. In the same soil and conditions the ginger is doing great, but i can’t seem to get the turmeric going. It’s been in the pot a couple of months, hasn’t rotted or anything, just will not sprout. Any suggestions?

From Lydia, ECHO’s propagation manager

Tumeric responds to soil temperature. Depending on where you are located, it just might still be a little too cold.
We recently planted our turmeric and even though it’s been in the upper 80’s F it’s still not quite hot enough for it to sprout yet.

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My tumeric in pots has not come up but in ground started just this week in central florida

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Thank you Dan. My file turmeric was also in pots. It had been growing in the ground at near the compost pile at a national friend’s home. What kind of soil has your turmeric been successfully growing in?

Thank you. I wouldn’t think that being too cool is a problem here in Cote d’Ivoire. But i am looking forward to reading the document you provided! Peace.

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in subtropics, turmeric dies back in winter and doesn’t re-sprout until may/june. best to harvest when it starts dying back in fall (root stays alive). be sure to harvest the tubers and re-plant the core root for the next season.

Thanks, I am at about 6.5 degrees north, so very much in the tropics, but i did just get turmeric sprouting that has been in a pot since the new year. So maybe that hold even a little here?