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Help: Beekeeping Cooperative Organization in Refugee Camps

Hello Folks,
We need to help from anyone with experience to organize or put in place a cooperative for 200 Southern Cameroonian refugee women to start beekeeping as a food security and income generating activity in Nigeria.
Has anyone done anything like this anywhere? We would need your help to put in place a cooperative with rules etc, as we would like the beekeeping project to succeed.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Isaac Zama

Our organization, Agri-Plus, is working in a refugee camp. Several question you need to ask;

  • Does the Nigerian government permit economic development among the Cameroonian refugees?
  • Is beekeeping/honey something the refugees are familiar with or want?
  • Is there a strong local market for honey?
  • Is there enough trust among the members to work together?

If you can affirm these questions you are in a good starting place.

Edward Martin


and also, based upon the questions above that Edward_Martin had, what is the indigenous knowledge/practice of beekeeping (if any)? What the threats/constraints to bees? (local spraying, diversity loss, etc.) Information on local practices may help to forge links/exchanges between locals & camp dwellers.