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Help needed with organic farm in Senegal


POSITION DESCRIPTION: Technical Supervisor

Position Title: Technical Supervisor
Location: Kaffrine, Senegal
Hours: Full time
Reports to: Managing Director

We are looking for a qualified individual with practical experience in organic farming and the ability to work with and supervise a team of farmers. As Technical Supervisor, you will:

  • Be responsible for creating and carrying out seasonal and annual work plans;
  • Provide on-the-ground technical support and supervise a team of local farmers;
  • Ensure that all farmers are adhering to organic principles; and
  • Position us as a model for profitable organic farming in the Kaffrine region.


Gaïa is a social enterprise based in Kaffrine (Senegal) which aims to develop products and services as well as outreach activities that support local communities and encourage better resource and environmental management. As a first step, we are producing a variety of organic fruits, vegetables and honey for the Kaffrine market, local nutrition sites and the emerging Senegalese organic market. In this way, we are creating green jobs and promoting a healthy, environmentally sustainable alternative to petrochemical farming to feed the population in the 21st Century.


Key responsibilities

  • Drive a team of farmers to rebuild the soil fertility through composting, regenerating, planting and pruning trees, crop residue mulching (CRM) etc.
  • Work with the Managing Director and Administration and Finance Manager for yearly plans and budgets in conjunction with overall medium-term plans.
  • Demonstrate how to do organic farming and provide on-the-ground technical support for a team of farmers.
  • Ensure that farmers are adhering to organic principles as outlined by FENAB (the National Federation for Organic Agriculture in Senegal).
  • Work with the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager to monitor production and pivot based on results.
  • Provide monthly reports and regularly communicate with the management team.
  • Any other duties required to ensure that we are a model for profitable organic farming in the Kaffrine region.


  • Minimum 3 years of practical experience working on a profitable organic farm.
  • Tertiary qualification in related field such as Agricultural Science, Horticulture, Permaculture, Natural Resource Management etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to write and execute work plans and budget for associated activities.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.
  • Proficiency in French is highly desirable.


By working with us, you will be contributing to the economic development of one of the poorest regions in Senegal and helping local communities to improve their livelihoods. You will also be promoting a healthy, environmentally sustainable alternative to petrochemical farming. This model is to be rolled out across the region and therefore you will help us to make a big impact. By enabling us to be productive, you will enable us to support local nutrition sites and fight child malnutrition.


To apply, please email the following documents to by Friday 31st May 2019 :

  • Your CV;
  • A cover letter addressing the selection criteria.

Am from kenya and have interest for these

Hi David, I’m afraid we are no longer accepting applications for this position. Thanks very much for your interest all the same. Kind regards, Chris