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Honduras Strawberries Fungus

A lot of farmers at one time planted strawberries which made a nice profit for them in Honduras. However, after a while they were wiped out by a fungus called Pestalotiosis. They tested their soil after a period of planting no strawberries and they thought the fungus was gone but it came back in the first crop of strawberries. So far the information I found on it does not look like there is much hope. My understanding is a lot of people in Central America are seeing the same results. Has anyone seen this and have found some way to resist the fungus or a method that helps control this fungus?

In Nepal (and elsewhere) we use a crop of garlic or onions to help clean the soil in rotations/fallow - maybe that would help?

Hi Dan,
I did a brief literature review on your question and find a lot of ‘First Reports’ of strawberry root and crown rot in diverse locations around the world. I did not find much in the way of prevention or treatment other than soil fumigation, but this article speaks to management practices that might help. Perhaps others have experience or knowledge to contribute?