How can I lower the PH?

I just got soil tests results back. Two different areas tested 8.1 and 8.14. What can I do to lower the PH? I’m working in the mountains of Haiti. See attached soil test results.

Hi Mike. Lowering the pH on a large scale is challenging. First it would be good to know why the soils are alkaline. The usual reason is that the soil has a lot of limestone (calcium) in it. Also, what crops do you plan to grow there? Are you hoping to alter the pH on several acres or in smaller areas for fruit trees or small garden beds?
pH can be lowered by adding organic matter but it takes significant amounts to make a difference. Elemental sulfur can be used but that is probably not affordable or practical.

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Thanks Bob! I am looking for solutions for the declining crop yields. The main crops grown are beans, corn, and sweet potatoes. These mountains have are limestone, probably the cause. Years ago these mountains were covered with Hispanolia Pines. I wonder if the pines helped lower the PH? Do you think it’s possible that erosion and loss of organic matter could have contributed?

I don’t know accurately the type of that soil.However, if it is a limestone soil you had better plants crops adapted to it because it would be difficult even impossible to lower limestone soil pH.If it is not the case,we can use sulfur fertilizer to get lowering the pH;but, I have some doubts that this kind of fertilizer will be accessible in Haiti and high cost is included,too.