How to make compost from rice husk

I need more information or resource on rice husk compost

Short overview:
40% rice husks
40% green leaves (any kind)
20% manure (cattle, sheep, goats)

70-80% rice husks
20-30% manure (cattle, sheep, goats)

95% rice husks
5% bat manure (again, wear gloves and a mask!)

A bit longer (but still short) explanation:
Rice husks are rich in carbon, so you need some other material that provides more nitrogen. Add manure or legume leaves to the mix. My guess for the ratio is about 50:50 with legume leaves, or maybe 20-30% manure to 70-80% rice husks.
If you have both, then 40% rice husks, 40% legume leaves (or other green leaves), and 10-20% manure (for cattle, sheep, goats, camel manure add more, with chicken or duck add less manure, as they are higher in nitrogen).
If you have bats in your house, bat manure very high in nitrogen, so you can add only about 2-3% of them to your rice husks to make them decompose. But bat manure is also dangerous as it has many bacteria and fungi, so make sure to wear a mask and gloves when handling it.

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