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How toxic are cooked mature beans?

All mature beans need cooking but some some more than others.
Velvet beans need very careful cooking and and in parts of Africa people fear they might be poisoned and die so never eat them.
People can certainly get sick but it seems no research has been done on velvet beans for many years.
Can someone assure my SSA contacts that that they can eat cooked velvet beans and and not die?

Graham Knight


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Currently (7/93), we offer the following guidelines. Has there been a failure of the bean crop in your area, but velvet beans are abundant? If so, it is almost certainly better to make use of velvet bean than to suffer hunger or protein malnutrition. Is the food situation a bit less desperate than that, but people still do not have enough to eat? If so, consider using velvet beans in moderation and not every day. Are there plenty of alternative sources of protein? If so, don’t eat the velvet beans. Velvet bean coffee has a lot of L-dopa in it. It should not be consumed regularly. EDN #37 for more details.]